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If you have a heartbeat, you need life insurance. However, the type and amount of life insurance you need will change with your life experiences and circumstances. Do you have a trustworthy insurance agency assisting you with your insurance needs? The independent professionals at Hawks Insurance have experience in helping many of our North Carolina neighbors with life insurance, and we can help you too.

Life Insurance for Your Life

Single, recent graduates without a mortgage have different insurance needs than a young couple with children or a middle-aged individual with a mortgage. The amount of debt you have as well as your annual income affect the amount of life insurance you need. Hawks Insurance understands the importance of matching individuals and families with the right insurance policies. We’ll take the time to educate you concerning the various types of life insurance, and we’ll happily provide reviews of your existing coverage.

Coverage for Your Circumstances

Do you need term life insurance, or would your family be better off if you carried a whole or universal life policy? Many beginners find term life to be the most affordable option. However, whole or universal life insurance provides a more permanent solution, and this type of policy is great for those concerned about outliving retirement income.

Since life circumstances change, Hawks Insurance recommends regular policy reviews. Be sure to schedule a review any time

  • Your marital status changes
  • You have or adopt a child
  • You switch jobs
  • You start or significantly grow your own business
  • You take primary responsibility for an aging relative
  • A child leaves for college or moves away from home
  • You or your spouse is diagnosed with a serious illnessi>

Get your free quote for life insurance today. If you have questions or would like to speak with an insurance professional, call our office during regular business hours. We look forward to helping you prepare for the future.

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